It’s difficult to find a spot to park your tiny house. Shutterstock Tiny house owners across the country are facing the struggles of zoning ordinances that exclude tiny homes. Zoning differs from state to state and even from community to community, so tiny house owners need to work with their local governments to pass tiny house-friendly ordinances if they don’t exist. Brianna O’Brien said she was forced to move out of her tiny house after she parked it on her parents’ property in New Hampshire and the zoning board told her it wasn’t allowed. To avoid eviction, another owner, Tina, told Insider she lived under the radar in her tiny house for two years in Pennsylvania, which caused her a great deal of stress. “There is nobody that is satisfied with the grey area that these homes fit under. Not the clients, not the builders, not the government,” said Zack Giffin, host of “Tiny House Nation.” After graduating from college, Brianna O’Brien decided to move back to her hometown of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, but she couldn’t afford a house of her own. “I was looking at apartments and other spaces to live in the area and everything was so expensive, and I had just started a job,” O’Brien said. “All the pieces aligned for me to start looking into tiny houses.” While looking through Facebook Marketplace, she found the “perfect” tiny house built with refurbished and salvaged wood. Using a low-payment loan, she purchased the home for $29,000 […]