Dear W.C., This year has been very difficult for my sons and me. My oldest son was living with us and helping with rent until he moved out in October. He was not following any of my rules about being careful to protect his younger brother, going out to bars and hanging out with friends after work every day. I would come home from work to find groups of friends in my kitchen even though I asked him to not bring anyone here. My younger son has diabetes and I worry about what could happen to him if he contracts this virus. I work full-time but I guess you would call me working poor. I do cleaning in offices and factories at night, so I do not earn a lot. Especially since I have had to miss multiple days at my cleaning job due to COVID-19 restrictions and my youngest son’s health. My ex-husband left the state and disappeared last year and in doing so has escaped his child support obligation. With the loss of my older sons help and child support we have fallen further and further behind. At this time we are two months behind in rent and I am behind in my car payment. I have three more months on this lease, but I am hopeful if I find something else cheaper my landlord will let me out of my lease early. I applied for housing, but I am on a waiting list. I am constantly […]