I was living with my grandmother as her caregiver until she passed away last month. I had lived with her for the past two years as her health declined. We were sharing expenses and she let me and my daughter live in her home with her in exchange for her caregiving. I have only been able to work part-time for the past six months, due to Covid and then due to her worsening health. My worst fear was bringing home the virus as I knew she was high risk. She did eventually catch it after my cousin stopped by to visit while I was at work. I had told her to stay away from grandma because I was worried she would spread the virus to her and she was at high risk. I would never have let her in because I knew she lived a lifestyle that endangered all of us, going to bars and out with friends. Well her lifestyle ended up costing my grandma her life and caused me to have to quarantine for three weeks while my daughter was extremely ill. I missed work for three weeks while I dealt with the loss of my grandmother and took care of my sick daughter. I could not even have a funeral for my beloved grandma. This has been an incredibly emotional and difficult time and now I am worried about becoming homeless on top of it all. I found out after her death that my grandmother had […]