Video image The CEO of Thor Industries, Bob Martin, is a real-life RVer, a rarity among his peers. On the December 30th RVing in New England social media talk show , hosts Bob Zagami and John DiPietro talked with Martin about the state of the RV industry and of Thor Industries, including its most recent acquisition of Tiffin Motorhomes. At one point, the hosts asked Martin about his own RVing experiences. He reeled off a few stories about his years of RVing, including one “horror story” about an RV dumping experience that went horribly wrong. He was returning from tailgating at a Purdue football game in his first motorhome, a Damon Daybreak, rushing to get to the airport. But first, he needed to dump the RV’s holding tanks. “I hooked up my sewer and didn’t look close enough, and it [the hose] wasn’t on real tight,” he explained. “I pulled the black gate valve and everything came right at me and it just kept coming. “And so I had to shut the gate valve, get a different hose that I knew was under the bed, and hose everything down. Yeah, that was quite an experience. It was gross.” He said ever since that incident he looks closely when dumping his RV. So far so good.