Gif: YouTube Every week I receive mail from readers asking me to write more about weird RVs and buses . The world is full of wacky RV builds and this one is a doozy. I’m talking about the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter ; an amphibious RV capable of sailing around the world. You read that right, this thing isn’t just a vehicle that can travel around the country, it can sail around the world, too! To fully embrace this wonderful creation, you should know a little about its builder, Rick Dobbertin. Before building a spaceship for the sea, Dobbertin made his mark building beautiful hot rods. His Pontiac J2000 Pro Street car featured a Chevy 350 V8 with a shocking number of go-fast parts, reports Hot Rod . We’re talking dual superchargers and dual turbos. The whole thing was dolled up in striking paint, polished aluminum, and stainless steel. While his award-winning car builds are awesome enough, Dobbertin and his wife, Karen, wanted to build something even more ambitious. According to Dobbertin’s site on the build, they started with a 1959 Heil stainless steel milk tanker. Using a milk tanker for the platform meant the Dobbertins would benefit from strong double walls filled with 2.5-inch foam insulation. The tanker’s size and shape were perfect for the application of a seafaring vehicle with a living space inside. Dobbertin grafted a cockpit to the front of the tanker, giving it major spaceship vibes. A story from Syracuse reported that, at 32.5 feet, […]