Oregon is home to some amazing hot springs, but one of our favorites is Belknap. And right now, in light of so many places being closed to the public, this may be one of the best places to escape and relax for the weekend. Located just over an hour East of Eugene Oregon on the beautiful McKenzie River, Belknap Hot Springs is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Belknap Hot Springs Resort And Garden Is Unforgettable Belknap Hot Springs is open year round, and features two amazing mineral hot spring pools, along with acres of lovely gardens. Belknap Hot Springs Secret Garden. Photo by Geoff via Flickr CC2. If you want a weekend getaway with loved ones, or just want to stop in for a relaxing stroll through the gardens or dip in the hot springs, this is the place. The lower hot spring pool is open for lodge guests as well as walk-in day use guests, while the upper pool is reserved for overnight guests alone. Belknap Hot Springs also includes 8 cabins if you aren’t interested in staying in their lodge. The cabins are quite cozy and make for a wonderful stay. Bellknap Hot Springs While soaking in the hot springs is relaxing, a walk through the Secret Garden or surrounding lush forest can be equally as healing. Forest bathing always leaves me feeling rested and restored. Belknap Hot Springs Information A Belknap Hot Springs Cabin rental. Photo via Belknap Hot Springs Website. Location: 59296 N, […]