Before I get into my review of the AutoPets Feeder-Robot and the commenters (you) start coming at me in droves, let’s set one thing straight: If you can afford it, you should probably feed your cat wet food instead of the disgusting brown circles seen above. While there are some good diet brands that come in the dry stuff, most vets will recommend forking over your hard-earned coin for extravagance. That’s especially the case for cats, since they’re more prone to urinary crystals, err, uhh, “blockage” when they’re not staying hydrated enough. And cat owners will attest that kitties are quite particular about their water. That said, wet food can be prohibitively expensive. For the price of 4.5 pounds of Purina canned food , I can get 13 pounds of kibble . What’s more, automatic feeders don’t come in brands as reputable as AutoPets, from the geniuses behind the Litter-Robot 3 Connect , a $500 spaceship that dumps cat shit in the garbage bag for you. Now the company is back at it again with the Feeder-Robot , which might sound like a sex thing, but I assure you, it’s anything but. As its name suggests, the Feeder-Robot is exactly that, a robot that feeds your pet. And thanks to the seemingly unending COVID-19 pandemic, it could not have come out at a more perfect time. Since everyone who can has been stuck at home for the past 10 months, more and more people are adopting pets to cope […]