Doherty bath MiniAer on with blue light-RVT Like many of us who enjoy the open road, we give little thought to the quality of the air we breathe inside our traveling homes. Every geographic area we pass through gifts us with pollen, dust, allergens and pollutants that wreak havoc with our sinuses. Don’t forget mold and mildew as they are culprits as well, especially if your RV has been dormant. I’m not fond of sneezing and I also don’t like lingering cooking odor, so I had been researching a solution to alleviate my morning tissue ritual. Hence, a means to cleaner air, especially since the unforeseen viral confluence has kept many of us confined. I admit to learning the hard way. Not feeling like sandwiches for lunch, we ventured out and brought back General Tso’s Chicken and Szechuan Beef. Yummy… and smelly. After chuckling over the fortune cookies’ prognostications, we placed both Styrofoam boxes in the refrigerator and left for the afternoon. By this time, all but our bedroom smelled of Chinese takeout. When we returned, our coach smelled spicy. The odor intensified when I opened the refrigerator and the buffet palace aroma wafted into the RV. I groused at myself and threw the leftovers in the garbage, turned the exhaust fan on high, and sprayed an aerosol odor eliminator. It only masked the miasma, so I removed the garbage from our coach. I went on the hunt and shortly thereafter we acquired two MiniAer ion generating air purifiers […]