SAIC Maxus When camper makers want to add space to a trailer, the solution is usually the same: They make it longer. But one Chinese automaker is taking a decidedly different approach to solving that conundrum. Instead of adding a second axil, the SAIC Maxus is adding a second level. The Life Home V90 Villa Edition is a double-decker camper that, when fully expanded, offers two floors of living space. Thanks to a pop-up second level, the camper has room for the standard kitchen, entertainment and sleep areas, as well as a bar and Zen tea room. The Villa Edition main level lounge area SAIC Maxus Pop-up roofs are nothing new, of course, but we’ve never seen an entire pop-up level like the one on the Villa Edition. Although it looks like your standard, everyday RV in drive mode, its oversized roof section hides a glass-encased second story that can be expanded to full height at the press of a button. The upper area is accessible via a small elevator and was designed with rest and relaxation in mind and offers nearly uninterrupted views of your surroundings. At 133 square feet, it’s smaller than the lower level, but there’s more than enough space to turn the space into a tea room or yoga area. There’s also a walk-out balcony over the driver’s cabin if you need a little air while up top. But that’s not the only way SAIC Maxus’s camper can open up. The main living level features […]