Screenshot: Nexus Mods Assuming you haven’t thrown your hands up in the air and demanded a refund for the Duke Nukem -like gaming experience that is Cyberpunk 2077 , there are a number of mods you can grab that address some of its issues and, dare I say it, make it more fun to play. At the very least, they’ll tide you over until developer CD Projeckt Red launches its first two mea culpa updates over the next few weeks—though even that won’t make the game as cool as the mods that transform its visual style into Borderlands . As its author writes, “this plugin fixes some Cyberpunk 2077 issues and adds some features.” This includes allowing your AMD CPU to use all of its cores with the game, which seems pretty important for your overall performance; removing pedestrians from the game entirely; and giving you the option to disable the game’s Async Compute or antialiasing features to boost performance on older systems. As always, I’d give the mod a try, see if it helps out your setup, and remove it if it’s not upping your frame rates by a measurable degree. Tired of how it feels to drive a car in Cyberpunk 2077 ? This little tweak, in the form of an .ini configuration file, might help you out. I haven’t played the game much—or not enough to get to the driving parts—but if the mod’s author is correct, it sounds like anyone who enjoys motorcycles might want […]