Photo: Hadrian (Shutterstock) Whether you’re lazy or in a panicked state because you need to make an Amazon return and you (or someone in your household) threw away your item’s packaging, fret not: You have plenty of options for returning your Amazon purchases, and you might not even need the original shipping box to send an unwanted item back. Once you’ve started the return process for any eligible item, you’ll eventually click through to a “How will you mail your return?” screen. When there, click on the little option in the bottom-left that says “See more return options.” Screenshot: David Murphy You should see a number of options, including: Kohls Whole Foods Market The UPS Store Amazon UPS Drop-off Points Amazon Locker UPS Pick up Don’t just pick whichever one is nearest your location, as each has different requirements for your return. And depending where you pick, you might be able to just stroll up with the to-be-returned item in-hand—no box or shipping label necessary, which will save you a lot of grief if you don’t have the former or have no way to print the latter. Assuming your item is eligible for a no-box return—which should be most items sold on Amazon—here are the following combinations you’ll likely encounter. Note that some of them also include a supplemental shipping cost, so be careful about what you’re picking. Don’t take money out of your refund if you can avoid it. Kohl’s : No box required, no label required (no […]