In one single hour, more solar energy falls upon the earth than the entire human race uses in one year.

Think of all the possibilities!

Solar power for homes, RVs, tiny houses, boats, and even… electric cars!

Today we’re learning about the Tom & Caitlin Morton – a full-time RVing couple that charges their electric car directly off their RV solar system.

Let’s dive in! The Morton’s 5th wheel RV is maxed out with rooftop solar panels. Can an RV Solar System Set-Up Really Charge an Electric Car?

With a bit of planning and the right equipment, the answer to this question is yes! Electric cars can charge anywhere that generates electricity, and an RV solar system does exactly that.

In order to charge an electric car from a solar system, you will need a robust system and to keep an eye on the power draw, but with a few modifications, you’ll be good to go.Speaking of their own RV solar strategy, Tom Morton says, “Well, we hate running our generator. We love the silence and ease of this system, and we love not worrying about having enough power or battery capacity.That said, this system is oversized for our average daily power need, but this really helps with multiple cloudy days in a row or the shoulder and winter seasons when we don’t get as much sun.” Tom Morton in front of his massive RV inverter and solar charge controllers. Meet the Mortons: RVers Who Run Their Car on Solar Power For Tom […]