Things could actually be worse, you know. Cousin Eddie could come to stay for the holidays and park his RV in your driveway, empty his … er … tanks into your storm sewer, and make your previously serene life miserable. Here’s the reminder you need, not only of how awful that would be but of how funny it was to watch Randy Quaid and Chevy Chase play out this nightmare holiday scenario for laughs. There is an inflatable life-size (ish) RV that looks just like the one Cousin Eddie drove that you can park on your lawn. (Cousin Eddie — thankfully — not included.) There are also lots more off-color, hilarious National Lampoon holiday decorations out there. We rounded up a few so you can National Lampoon your holiday decor. Walmart Why not? Stake it down, let it inflate, and make this Cousin Eddie RV, decorated with lights for the holiday, part of your lawn scene. It self-inflates, comes with the stakes you need, and is big enough to make a huge impact. Amazon Let’s hope your outing to get a Christmas tree goes better than it did in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation . And here, to remind everyone to take whatever happens in stride, is the station wagon Chevy Chase drove on that outing — complete with the tree on top. Make it an entire National Lampoon yard scene, or just make this inflatable station wagon say it all. RustedRoost/Etsy You don’t have to go all in and […]