If you live in a cold climate and don’t plan on traveling somewhere warm during the winter, winterizing your RV is essential to keeping your RV in tip-top shape. The harsh winter weather can result in expensive damage to the recreational vehicle and delay camping trips when the camping season comes back around. Winterizing your RV includes, protecting the exterior, battery, water system and more. In this ultimate guide to winterization, we discuss the products that need for a DIY winterization as well as the steps that are essential to protecting your RV this winter. RV Winterization Shopping List: Artic Ban Antifreeze: Prevents pipes from freezing and cracking during winter RV Blow Out Plug: Clears water from plumbing before antifreeze can be added Antifreeze Hand Pump: Manually pump antifreeze into the plumbing system RV Pump Converter Kit: Allows RV water pump to fill plumbing with antifreeze Slide-Out Rubber Seal Treatment: Protects seals from weather and elements Sniff ‘n’ Stop Odorant Pouches: Deters pests like ants, roaches, mice and more DampRid Moisture Absorber: Traps moisture, absorbs odors and keeps the air fresh and clean Dryer Sheets or Cedar Chips: Prevents incest and rodent infestations Non-Rusting Metal Dish Scrub Pad: Keep mice out by plugging possible entry points Rodent Repellent: Protect the exterior of your RV from insect and rodent abatement Exterior and Roof Cleaners: Clean your RV thoroughly before storage. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for the appropriate product Roof and Exterior Sealant (if damage presents itself after cleaning): Use a proper […]