The RV Trends To Look Forward To in 2021 We saw lots of changes this year in the RV community, some for the better and some for worse. Moving forward into the next year, it looks like many of them are here to stay. And, some may play an even bigger role in our future. When 2020 is in our rear view mirror, what will we remember as its lasting effects? We don’t have a crystal ball to help us with predictions, but we do have a pretty good feeling about some positive RV trends that we think will endure. 2021 RV Trends It’s an understatement to say that because of the COVID-pandemic, the year 2020 was unlike any other year we’ve ever experienced. When the lockdowns subsided and the shutdowns began, more people than ever took the roads. Once they were out there, many of them decided to stay even longer. RV sales boomed like never before in 2020, and campgrounds became overcrowded to the point that they seemed like they were busting at the seams. Not surprisingly, such challenges have inspired a lot of people to think outside the box and come up with some cool new approaches to RV camping. Share Economy The same “peer-to-peer” online rental concept that gave rise to nontraditional companies like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Rover has a growing presence in the RV community. Besides booking alternatives to hotels, taxis and kennels, this RV trend means we can rent someone else’s RV […]