Traveling around in your RV brings a certain joy that inspires relaxation and adventure at the same time. For those that have wanderlust in their hearts, the thought of owning an RV is thrilling. And when talking to people who have done it, it’s so easy to get caught up in the wonder of it all. But there are some things that RV campers don’t really talk about. While RVing is satisfying, the reality is it’s also hard. There are tough times when something breaks down or a campground is full or you haven’t showered in days. At least not a long, hot shower. We want to set some of these myths straight so when starting your RV experience, you go in with realistic expectations. RVing Is Cheap One of the biggest myths is that RVing is cheap. Many people see RVing as a way to save money. They think it’s a great vacation alternative. The truth is it is expensive. Sure, you won’t have to buy plane tickets for the whole family. But gas and campground fees add up quickly. RV maintenance can also be a nightmare. They’re costly to repair and wait times are usually quite long. Don’t assume you’ll be saving money when you go camping in an RV. In fact, you may want to familiarize yourself with these common unexpected RV expenses . RVs are Spacious Another myth is how spacious an RV is. Yes, some are bigger than others but they will all feel […]