An RV Renovation Story Ever dream of buying an RV and remodeling it like a home? Or maybe you already have one locked away in storage, waiting for the right time to give it a facelift. The RV industry and Tiny Home living has surged in popularity like never before. Nowadays, if you’re on social media, it’s a guarantee that you’ll find a tiny living post or RV renovation Before & After photo. Even reality TV has scooped it up and embraced the Tiny Home movement. I had all of this in mind before I met ‘EVA’. Who’s EVA? Well, let’s back up a bit before Shi (that’s me) met EVA (a travel trailer). Before we met, I was still on Cloud 9 with JOEY . (If you haven’t read my previous blog , JOEY is my pride and joy and the first RV that I remodeled. He has his own separate story.) Riding high on the feedback and exposure I received from JOEY’s remodel, I did something drastic. I quit my corporate job as a manager and decided this was something I wanted to do full time. Remodel & Rent out RVs. It couldn’t be that difficult, right? The first one was so easy, another remodel would be just as quick and seamless. Or so I thought. I scoured every online marketplace, searching day and night for trailers with minimal damage and low prices. Finally, I came across a 1969 Airstream Sovereign with a killer price tag. The […]