Screenshot: TikTok ( Fair Use ) It can no longer be ignored: Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to submit—to give yourself over to our uniquely American celebration of the day, in which religious sentiment and buying things become one. This week’s Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide is all ‘bout that Christmas, with presents from TikTok, exploding glitter bombs, and a new holiday classic. But no PlayStation 5. Those things are sold out. TikTok trend of the week: “Hot girl sh*t” “Hot Girl Shit” is the Christmas gift we all needed. The TikTok trend originated with the great Megan Thee Stallion who famously said, “I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl shit,” on her song “Girls in the Hood.” The TikTok videos that are getting all the plays and shares, though, feature their subjects doing the total opposite of what you might imagine as “hot girl shit.” Like check out Riley Isaac shaving her belly , “All About that Bass” singer Meghan Trainor checking her glucose levels , Yoleenda Dong brushing her retainer , and Justina Valentine washing her dog’s butt . Not only is this a perfect set-up-to-punchline joke structure, this hashtag’s subversion of traditional gender roles adds about a million internet points. Spend the holidays looking at these videos . This week in music: The biggest battlefront in the war on Christmas The War on Christmas heats up this time every year on the bloody frontline of Billboard’s popular music charts , where normal songs battle […]