A thread on Twitter seems to have pissed off just about everyone but me, likely because my childhood was similar and this is just some sweet revenge. Jon Roderick, who has since deleted his Twitter account, shared a story of the life lesson he taught his nine-year-old daughter by forcing her to figure out how to use a can opener before she could eat some baked beans. The story got massive attention, and hundreds of users are now whining that Roderick abused his daughter by forcing her to figure out how to open the can for a grueling six hours. Basically, the kid brought the can to her old man and he decided that rather than helping her with it, he would continue with his jigsaw puzzle and let her solve the mystery of the can opener on her own. I can’t say exactly what is going on at home in their lives or whether or not his 9-year-old daughter was actually starving for these beans. If the man only has one can of beans available to feed her and did this, then that might be a different story. I don’t read it that way, but more about some tough love, really. When I was nine, I could certainly open a can. Most nine-year-olds have cell phones these days. Google, kids. Google. The story I hear is that of tough love and annoying life lessons bestowed upon us by our parental figures. My dad was the worst about pissing […]