Image: Premium Bandai Kirby Fighters 2 came out recently (see: 3+ months ago), and while it’s not my thing at all, it did remind me that there hasn’t been a memorable, mainline Kirby game since 2016’s Planet Robobot for the Nintendo 3DS. And that got me thinking about how much Kirby shit I bought in 2020 despite not enjoying a single entry in the series in almost 5 years. Hell, I even wrote an article for this very site about how getting a Kirby Banpresto box in the mail felt like ingesting serotonin. The obsession didn’t stop there either. For months, I mulled over whether I should buy the Kirby Art & Style Collection while it was on sale (it still is, for the record). But, you see, Kirby isn’t really about the gameplay, or even the games. It’s about an adorable alien puffball from a place called Planet Popstar who’s just doing his best sucking up monsters and using copy abilities to fend off the empirical King Dedede. He’s more than you think, he’s got maximum pink. Kirby? Kirby. Kirby’s the one, and he’s got more merchandise to his name than a ‘90s grunge band. In fact, he even has his own café in Japan , with two locations having re-opened in 2019, in Tokyo and Hakata. Here I’ve assembled some of the best, worst, and downright strangest Kirby merch you’ll find on the internet. Know of some Kirby stuff that doesn’t suck? Sound off in the comments […]