Screenshot: David Murphy I had high hopes for 2020, if for nothing else than the coolness of how the year sounded on paper: twenty-twenty . But as we all know, this year was a complete dumpster fire across any number of individual categories: politics, treating others as equals, accepting inconvenience to prevent others from getting sick, and so on. Throw in a quarantine which (rightfully) encouraged us to not spend time with those we care about, and life felt unrelentingly bleak for most of the year. What helped me get through the muck—beyond a wine club subscription—were two hearty handfuls of games that I either played by myself, with random internet strangers, or in one of the countless Zoom video chats I sat in this year. I would not consider this to be an exhaustive list of “Best of 2020″ titles, but rather the games that helped me stay sane this year, and that’s good enough in my book. I hope they bring you similar joy in 2021.