We bought a lot of new stuff in 2020: toilet paper, workout app subscriptions, sourdough starters, and masks that go with every outfit. Then there were the purchases that will stick with us even after this horrible, terrible, no-good year is finally over. Here are our staff’s picks for the single items that got them through 2020. Jordan Calhoun, deputy editor Jordan has been playing a lot of video games since the start of the stay-at-home order, and recommends his PlayStation Plu s subscription. For a monthly or yearly fee, you get two new PS games per month. That might have seemed like way too many games when you had other stuff to do, but now, it’s just right: the exact amount of time necessary to beat one game, then another, then choose two new ones. Joel Cunningham, managing editor Since we’ve given up on flying, Joel’s been taking lots of road trips, but his older car doesn’t have Bluetooth (or even an aux cord). So this FM audio transmitter allows him to connect his phone to his car’s radio for long drives. Now he has no excuse to tell his kids that they can’t listen to the Frozen 2 soundtrack on repeat. Aisha Jordan, staff writer You know how literally everything hurts? Not just emotionally, but your back, neck, and wrists from working at a dining table for nine months. That’s why Aisha recommends the Theragun Mini to massage away all those muscle aches. Meghan Walbert, parenting editor […]