If you are one of the many RVers who share a love affair with Airstream trailers but haven’t yet taken the plunge to purchase your own dream camper, let me introduce you to Airstream Bambi. This little firecracker offers great versatility and agility, while providing a premier camping experience. With its lightweight design and flexible storage options, Bambi might just be the RV that turns you from dreamer into Airstream owner. In fact, here’s one huge reason we love this trailer, some of our 5 best crossover SUVs may be rated to tow it ! Bambi was born out of necessity in 1961, when RVers were actively looking for smaller, less cumbersome travel trailers to be pulled by more gas-efficient vehicles. Airstream designed a shorter, more lightweight model on a single axle, making their new vehicle more agile and fun. It could be towed by a car and maneuvered into unusual and small campsites with ease. And it was cute! After taking this 16-foot wonder on the Cape Town to Cairo Airstream Caravan, Airstream founder, Wally Byam was introduced to a miniature deer in the Angolan countryside. Known for its sure-footedness and strength, “O’Mbambi” stood for everything he knew his new camper encompassed. The Umbundu name was shortened to “Bambi,” stamped on the new trailer, and the rest, as they say, is history. Ever since that maiden voyage, Bambi has come to represent small, single-axle Airstreams that exhibit speed and stamina, no matter what the model number. Current Bambis […]