The Don’ts of Free Camping They say the best things in life are free, and that sometimes includes camping. It’s a privilege, not a right, however, and it’s one we shouldn’t abuse. It makes good sense to follow some fairly simple guidelines so we don’t spoil what’s such a great thing. Let’s dive in! What is Free Camping? Many RVers love staying at campgrounds or resorts with electricity, hot showers and other comforts. Others prefer a more primitive style of camping. Free camping is setting up an RV or a tent in a designated area without paying a fee. Other names for it are dispersed camping and dry camping. It’s all about being self-contained and supplying your own water or power. It’s also different from stealth camping in the sense that you’re not undercover. You’re camping with permission from the owner of the property. What You Need for Free Camping You’re going to be self-reliant, so put some thought into what you’re packing. Our quick checklist starts with food and lots of water. Make sure you have bottles or jugs of water plus a full tank of freshwater. You’ll need electricity, too. Whether it’s solar power or a generator (or a solar-powered generator ), make sure you’ve got enough juice for your stay. Toilet paper is a must, and a shovel might be needed too. Camp chairs and a table are always a good idea. Don’t leave home without trash bags, either. Bring some extras, too (see Rule #4 […]