winter camping gear The Best Winter Camping Gear for RVers

I have to say, I love fall and winter. I love getting out my sweaters and jeans. I love waking up with blankets piled high, with only my cold nose sticking out from under the covers. If you live in an RV, you may get to experience that feeling often in the winter.

We happen to have a four-season rig that is supposed to be well-insulated with heated tanks and plenty of insulation. While we have only spent two winters in the cold, we learned a lot. We did have hot water pipes freeze a couple of times for a few hours, but thankfully we have never been in a deep freeze.

As the day warmed, so did our pipes. Opening cabinet doors and keeping heaters directed on the pipes helped as we navigated colder weather. We’ve found that we can warm up our space quickly with our fireplace or ceramic space heaters but can’t forget to run the furnace. It helps keep the pipes and tanks warm underneath.

Currently, I am living in a warm climate, so I don’t have to worry about anything freezing. At the end of October, I only recently turned off my air conditioner. But as the seasons change, and depending on where you are RVing, you may need some special winter camping gear to stay comfortable this season.

Here are a few must-haves when winter camping: Heated water hose

If you live in colder temperatures, the best […]