Photo: Zvox, Graphic: Gabe Carey It’s been a long year. Between COVID-19 and all the horrors it’s inflicted on us—skyrocketing unemployment, incessant paranoia, excruciating isolation, etc.—you can’t blame someone for wanting to escape this hellhole for a couple of hours to watch a good flick . Enter my dad. A good man, an honest man, and like me, a compulsive tech consumer. Every year, honest to God, it’s impossible to buy anything for this man at Christmas time. Anything he wants, he already has. But this year is an exception. A soundbar is one of those things everyone using only their TV speakers for audio output while immersing themselves in the picture shows wants but no one really wants to pay out of pocket for. In other words, it’s the perfect Christmas gift, for those who partake. In his mid-50s, my dad is by no means a picky man when it comes to his tech. He’s no less satisfied with his iPad’s touch keyboard than with a physical QWERTY. When I told him he should buy an Xbox so we could play Forza together (and other games, probably, someday), he bought the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition , the cheapest model you can get. He has a TCL 4-Series TV in almost every room. And I don’t mean any of this as an insult! I have nothing but respect for it, honestly. Most of the time I wish I didn’t know the difference between 4K, HDR, OLED, and raytracing—it […]