Photo: Daniel Constante (Shutterstock) The latest update for Edge Chromium, version 88, is finally rolling out. This version adds many new features to the Windows and macOS versions of the browser, like new password security tools, an updated look, and several quality-of-life enhancements. It’s a lot, so we’ll go over everything new in Edge 88 and show you how to use it. Password generator and security monitor Headlining Edge 88’s update notes are two big password features. First is a randomized password generator that auto-creates passwords whenever you create a new account or update an existing password. Edge saves the password and auto-fills it for you so you don’t have to memorize it. The other new password tool is automated data breach monitoring. Edge cross-references any saved login information with the latest data breaches and will warn you if it believes any of your accounts are compromised. Both features require you to sign into Edge with a Microsoft account and turn on Password Syncing under Settings > Profile > Sync > Passwords. To enable the password generator: Go to Settings > Profile > Passwords. Turn on “Offer to save passwords” and “Suggest strong passwords.” Now whenever you input a new password, Edge will offer to create it for you. The password monitoring is automatic and applies to any logins saved in Edge. You can find these under Settings > Profile > Passwords > Saved Passwords. Sleeping tabs Users can now set inactive tabs to “go to sleep” after a […]