If your canine companion goes everywhere with you and is considered a part of your family, you’re likely not going to want to leave him behind on a trip to explore the country’s national parks. You’ll want him to come along with you on this trip, just like on any other. But which national parks are the best to visit with your dog? We have a few pointers. Tips for visiting national parks with your dog If you are going to bring your furry pal along to a national park, you’ll want to make sure he’s ready for the excursion. 1.) Know where your dog is allowed on the park grounds In a lot of national parks, dogs aren’t allowed in the backcountry, or on many of the hiking trails. Know which, if any, trails you’re allowed to bring your dog on and have a plan for what you and your pet will do at the park. 2.) Always keep your pet leashed This is almost always a requirement at national parks, and is for the safety of your pet as well as the safety of the wildlife at the park. Your dog’s leash should not be more than six feet long. 3.) Make sure your pet has the appropriate vaccinations Make sure your dog’s shots are up to date, and make sure he has a collar tag with identification and medical information on it. 4.) Never leave your dog unattended Dogs should not be left unattended, and they […]