Whether you’re celebrating with your loved ones in person or from a distance, The Inventory staff is dedicated to spreading holiday cheer with the top gifts to ring in the season—and maybe a few good deals to snatch up for yourself. It’s okay, your secret’s safe with us. 2020, what a year. However you were affected, I think we can all agree movies, TV shows, books, and other forms of at-home entertainment were our one saving grace. But for the pop culture obsessive who knows a little too much about Lord of the Rings , it can be difficult to hunt down that thing they wish they had that isn’t already sitting up on a shelf somewhere between their Gandalf Funko Pop and Ganondorf amiibo . If you need a little help, get ready to find something a little off the beaten path. From The Mandalorian paraphernalia to Black Widow Barbie dolls, this is the way to a few items just for that nerdy pal you have no idea what to buy. See what I did up there? Oh, and * spoiler alert* The Child has a name: Grogu is our space babe and the cutest green boy in the galaxy. What would make a fan of this darling’s holiday? A more lifelike replica, of course. This brand-new Child Real Moves plush from the Disney Store is that. With the joystick, he can play hide and seek, pose for “Force Movement,” look curious, and make sweet little baby alien […]