When most people think of an RV road trip, their mind may gravitate to cross-country adventures along flat, country roads. Passing through America’s heartland and taking in the open plains can be really calming. But heading out in your RV to the mountains offers its own bit of magic that everyone should experience. Whether you’re hiking up to the tallest peak or taking in the beauty at the base, being in the presence of these grand landscapes almost has a sacred quality. It’s hard not to take a moment of reverence when soaking in these formations that are (in some cases) over a billion years old. And if you’re not looking to soul-search during a moment in nature – they’re just plain pretty to look at! Did you know there are over 70,000 mountains in the US? While we won’t be able to highlight quite that many in this post, we have rounded up a bunch of really breathtaking mountains to add some inspiration for your next RV trip ! What You Need to Hike in the Mountains Before we dig into gorgeous travel inspo, let’s first make sure we’re prepared to head into the mountains. For starters, you’ll want to check out our tips on driving through the mountains . It’s important to be prepared for all kinds of climates, as the weather in the mountains can quickly change. Keeping in mind wildlife safety is also important, as many creatures all the mountains home. For a lowkey hike, […]