But understand, this list is ours. Meaning, the RV features you choose for your needs will be different than ours. The most important RV features you identify will depend on what kind of RV you get, how you like to camp, what you do when you are out there, and how you use your RVs. This article comes in response to a specific request from a listener to our RV Podcast and we answered it on Episode 323. Click the Player below to hear the caller’s question and an audio recording of our response. It’s about 19:25 in on the player. For details, photos, and videos of the features, keep scrolling down. Question: What are Mike and Jen’s Most Important RV Features? Here’s a transcript of the question, left on our RV Podcast Voicemail number of 586-372-6990: “Hi Mike and Jennifer: Thank you for the valuable information you provide to the RV Community. My husband (six foot two)and I are nearing retirement and planned to purchase our RV in the near future. We’ve narrowed the search to a 20 to 25ft class B or B+ RV, which we believe allows us to fit in the most national park smaller camp sites do boondocking. I plan to continue to work part-time remotely. We purchased your RV buying secrets and it has been very informative and answered a lot of questions. TIP: CLICK HERE for more information on our RV Buying Secrets eBook. It will save you money! We are a […]