Screenshot: David Murphy This should be common sense at this point, but the fact that they continue to trend on social media suggests plenty of people need the reminder: Stop participating in those weird memes that ask you to provide seemingly innocuous personal information (your full name + the street your grew up on + your first car, etc.) in order to generate your Baby Yoda name, or your stripper name, or your witness protection name. Not only does no one actually care, but these “fun” little internet time-wasters pose a big security risk. As for why, it should be obvious. A number of these quizzes or silly internet chain messages ask the same sorts of account-recovery questions you’d encounter when attempting to log in to a secure online account. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen an app or service ask for the “street you grew up on,” “the city you were born in,” “childhood elementary school,” or other similar questions as part of its account-recovery mechanism. Yes, this would require an attacker to know something about your accounts already—such a the email you use for a particular service—and also track you down on social media to see if you’ve answered questions like these. Still, automating a tool for doing that doesn’t seem out of the question. If you’re posting this kind of information publicly, you’re only putting yourself at risk. Playing games, taking quizzes, and even commenting on “What’s your X name?” posts can provide […]