Roll out that iconic Airstream or Winnebago on a true Texas road trip. That’s what so many Americans did during the onset pandemic. Road tripping through America in an RV became a new trend in 2020. “Road tripping in an RV has reached its heyday during the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to SatelliteInternet.com . “And it makes sense. With RV travel, you can sate your wanderlust and maintain social distancing guidelines at the same time.” SPRING BREAK 2021: Here are the spring break 2021 deals near Houston It’s no surprise to any Texan, the Lone Star state was ranked as one of the top RV destinations in 2020, according to the survey. Arizona, Florida, California and New York also made it to the top of the list. “Since most of these states sport ocean views, we assume it’s the allure of sandy beaches and salty breezes that beckons us,” the survey noted. Approximately 41 percent of Americans said that they stepped up their road trips and camping during 2020. Another 47 percent said they canceled their hotel and flight reservations this past year. In terms of working remotely, 59% of respondents reported that they’ve worked from an RV. The big takeaway to this survey is that approximately 76 percent said they actually felt safer traveling in an RV than staying in an airplane or in hotel room. In drastic contrast, only 34 percent said they would feel safe traveling by airplane or staying in traditional lodgings.