AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Jessica McLeod, a volunteer foster for Texas Panhandle Pet Savers in Amarillo, loves what she does. “I absolutely adore these animals,” said McLeod. That is what drives her and the others with Texas Panhandle Pet Savers to help out as many animals as possible. Recently, McLeod said they received a tip from a resident who was concerned about a situation happening at a property she managed. “It was a smaller RV, probably 15 feet long and the gentleman opened the door and closed it very quickly but we caught a very unfortunate smell. So we asked about the animals inside and that’s when he said, well let me show you,” said McLeod. What they discovered was 34 dogs living in that small space. “It’s never pleasant to see that many animals living together with none of them sterilized because at that point we know they’re not only living in filth which creates bacteria and viruses but it also causes inbreeding amongst animals,” said McLeod. It does not end there. “There are a couple that have special needs. We’ve got some deformities and some club feet that are going to require a quite a bit of vetting,” said McLeod. McLeod hopes to make something good out a bad situation. “I want better for them and I love pairing up people with their new best friend for life,” said McLeod. McLeod said they are celebrating two of the mom dogs they rescued by having a puppy shower […]