Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) Applying for a job can be an arduous process. You must cater your resume and cover letter to each potential position to describe your capabilities in the way that will best match the job on offer. It’s fine to work from a template , swapping out the details as applicable, but making sure the employer understands you are a match for their unique needs is essential to landing that interview. It’s easy to get caught up in the weeds trying to describe your skills and experience. Here is a quick tip for describing your qualifications and demonstrating you are the right fit for the job. How to describe your previous roles and responsibilities As you begin crafting your resume, start by cross-examining the responsibilities of experts in the field with your own experience to pinpoint your accomplishments. First, make sure you are clear on the difference between a responsibility and achievement. A responsibility is a duty required by a role, whereas an achievement details how well you executed your duties. Your resume should do more than list your prior roles; it must reveal your achievements and bring specificity to your qualifications. Live Career has a useful tool for extrapolating your unique skills from generic roles and responsibilities. Using a table format, list the roles and responsibilities in one column and fill in your accomplishments on the other. The accomplishments should list particular examples. For example, the sample shows “planned events” as the responsibility and “organized […]