Photo: NiP STUDIO (Shutterstock) If, like me, you follow dozens of YouTube channels across a range of topics, you might find you occasionally miss an upload (or a few) as you’re bombarded with new videos each day. Luckily, there are some great third-party tools you can use to help you organize your subscriptions. One of the best is Pocket Tube (courtesy of The Next Web ). This free cross-platform service sorts your long list of channel subscriptions into labeled folders. You have full control over the naming and organization, and your folders carry over between all the devices you use to watch YouTube—as long as you’re signed in, that is. Pocket Tube is available as a browser extension in the Chrome store and as an external app on Android and iOS . Pocket Tube’s option on YouTube’s desktop page Screenshot: Brendan Hesse The user interface for Pocket Tube is slightly different depending on which platform you’re on. On desktop, Pocket Tube’s tools are integrated directly into the YouTube website. A new “Subscription Groups” section will appear on the side column with all the folders you’ve created. Clicking on the section will take you to a screen where you can manage your folders and make new ones. There are also tabs for managing your subscriptions—which I find to be better than YouTube’s own subscription manager page—and a tool for linking your Patreon account so you can import and organize any channels you support monetarily through Patreon. Screenshot: Brendan Hesse You’ll […]