One of our first RV trips in our renovated, newly rebuilt, Class C RV was to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Long story short, the motorhome quit on a long, desolate, two-lane highway literally in the middle of nowhere. No cars, no towns, pre-cell phone… we were stuck. After a long while, a pickup truck whizzed by before we could hop out to stop it. Thankfully, he turned around to offer his help. My husband explained which part had burned up and, amazingly, the man had just picked up that part at the junkyard. Too good to be true? I wondered… He offered to tow us all the way back to his house and help install the part. As we were towed deeper and deeper into the thick backwoods of Michigan, I began to get nervous. We were absolutely nowhere to start with, and now we were deeper into nowhere with no idea where. And with an absolute stranger who claimed he “just happened” to have the part we needed. And to top it off, we had our two young children with us and none of our family knew where we were headed. What were we thinking? He could be a serial killer, an axe murderer! Who “just happens” to pick up a part they didn’t need? Actually, what was my husband thinking accepting his offer? A whole lot of “what ifs” ran through my mind, none of them good. After interminable miles, we arrived in a clearing with […]