In the heat of Arizona summers, the sewer dump connection at our campsite had warped enough that our sewer hose elbow fitting just didn’t fit. A sewer hose that doesn’t fit tightly allows sewer gases to escape and, worse yet, makes the odor when dumping the black water tanks close to unbearable. It was rather embarrassing. I tried putting a rock on top of the dump elbow – no good, although I do think it successfully directed the smell toward our open motorhome windows rather than our neighbors. I found this sewer adapter hose seal that provides a simple solution to literally “plug” the hole and securely hold a sewer hose adapter. The seal easily inserted into the ground dump connection and our bayonet elbow fit snugly in it. Whew! Smell averted, and now a breath of fresh air … both literally and figuratively! Read about two of our other favorite black tank dumpin’ gadgets here . ##RVDT1502