I’m in the process of finding a used RV. Either a small travel trailer I can tow with my SUV, or a class C that can tow my SUV is what I’m looking at. I’m fairly good at minimalism, but I have quite a few sentimental items that won’t to part with, but I am a bit reluctant to put them all in storage. An old English Saddle, my grandmother’s WAC jacket and two boxes of photos, sentimental items, etc. Quite a few glass things. With a good sized class C, I could likely fit it all in there. But being new to RVing, I think a small trailer is better. No way I’m fitting that stuff, plus all my actual necessities for me, 2 dogs and my work stuff in a small trailer. Then the two things I’m more willing/able to give up but still sad about are baths and my glassware. Considering how much of a rough, rugged minimalist I am, it sounds silly. So feel free to laugh at me, because I’m certainly laughing at myself! I’ve figured out some creative ways to still get a soak in here and there, but my small stemware collection, my shot glasses and these pretty matching plates and bowls… ugh. There’s absolutely no way I won’t shatter them without some bulky, awful contraption and most of the stemware, I don’t use anyway. I just am going to feel so silly with all plastic wine glasses, bowls and plates � […]