Some residents of the Star Valley and C-Bar Diamond Mobile Home Parks are worried where they will go after new park owners told them they will have to relocate. Facebook page announcement of the sale of the Star Valley and C-Bar Diamond Mobile Home Parks for $2 million. Residents of the Star Valley Motel and RV Park are struggling to avoid eviction in 30 days amidst a pandemic. Videos of confrontations between park residents and the supposed new park manager suggest many families could lose their homes with little notice. However, interviews with a spokesperson for the park’s new corporate owner suggested only the owners of older RVs face possible immediate eviction, with owners of older, fixed mobile homes facing longer deadlines and possible offers to buy out their homes. Park resident Timothy Hanrahan pleaded for time to find a new place in videos he posted on his YouTube Channel Metanaut1. The videos captured his confrontation with a woman who identified herself as Linda LaBlanc, the incoming manger of the park. On the video, she says she represents the new park owner who wants the 50 families living there to move within 30 to 40 days or face eviction, so the owners can create a luxury RV park. “So, you’re throwing people out in a time of COVID — when people have like, no jobs and people are suffering, you’re going to throw people out with nowhere to go. That’s what you’re saying?” said Hanrahan on the video. “I’m […]