If you or someone you care about is considering the RV lifestyle, but not sure if they are that adventurous, give them Chuck Woodbury’s latest book, The ABCs of RVing: Everything You Wanted to Know About RVing but Were Afraid to Ask . This short read cov ers all the questions you want to ask about the lifestyle (and some you didn’t know to ask). Chuck is the editor of the popular website and newsletter, so he knows all the questions and answers. Available at Amazon in eBook and Print format. If you decided to travel over the holidays instead of “stay in place,” here is a gift you can give yourself to make the holidays safe this year no matter what you decide to do. Amazon now has several different face-covering shield styles attached to a glasses-like frame fitting over the ears. They stand away from the face and cover from upper forehead to well below the chin, curving around the face. Made of clear plastic that does not fog up and your face is clearly visible, perfect! This face shield is very comfortable, easy to wear for long periods of time. In fact, you forget you are wearing it until you try to touch your face. The cost is around $14 for 5 of these masks. They ship flat for storage, just clip them to the frames when in use. Once I discovered this type of mask, I wear it everywhere, during dance classes, meeting friends, […]