Photo: Vershinin89 (Shutterstock) So you want to learn to play the drums. Thrash the skins. Hit some wooden circles with sticks in the pursuit of that sweet, sweet rhythm. In this endeavor I salute you, especially if you’re a kid living at home with your parents (they will learn to deal with the noise). Drummers are a strange breed. We sit in the back, and most of our efforts go unnoticed and under-appreciated, especially by people who don’t play music or understand how good drumming complements any musical style. When I was taking lessons at the local music shop as a kid, my drumming teacher compared playing a drum kit to flying a helicopter: both skills require you to keep multiple parts of your body in synch at the same time, and anything less will spell disaster. One thing to note is that learning the drums takes time, but once you get a feel for plugging away at simple beats and rudiments, few things will be more fun. Start with sticks and a practice pad Drumming is an investment that takes time, energy, and money. It may also test the patience of those around you, due to the cacophony of sound produced by hitting drums without much skill or practice. If it’s your kid who wants to learn—and even if it’s you, a presumable adult—I’d suggest starting small by purchasing a plastic practice pad and a few pairs of drumsticks. These won’t sound particularly great (they’re plastic, after all), […]