butlers nfui By Russ and Tiña De Maris It’s been a long year since the death of RVing couple James and Michelle Butler. Readers were shocked and saddened when the couple was found buried in a shallow grave on Padre Island, Texas, last year. The Butlers were first reported missing in October 2019, and four days after relatives became concerned, a Texas lawman found the RVing couple’s homicide resting place. Relatives reported James and Michelle as missing on October 23. On reviewing security camera footage, authorities spotted the Butlers’ Chevy Silverado, towing their trailer through a U.S./Mexico border crossing. The driver was a man, and clearly not James Butler. The crossing into Mexico was made October 21 – two days before the missing couple’s remains were found. Suspects arrested A few weeks later, in early November, reports surfaced that a suspect had been arrested in connection with the case. In a combined Mexico/U.S. operation, police arrested Adam Curtis Williams, a Utah resident, in Jalisco, Mexico. Also picked up, another Utah resident, Amanda Noverr. The pair was taken back to Texas, and they were booked into separate facilities. While it took only a matter of weeks from the discovery of the RVing couple’s homicide to the booking of suspects, the lever of “justice” got moved to the slow position. It wasn’t until late in January 2020 that anything new transpired in the drama. At that time a Kleberg County, Texas, grand jury handed down indictments against Williams and Noverr. For […]