Screenshot: David Murphy While you might still be a terrible World of Warcraft player who can’t get good parses to save their life, don’t let your gear hold you back. I can’t help you become a better player if you’re just button-mashing you way through the game, but there are plenty of tech tools you can use to ensure that you’re not losing valuable damage-per-second with poor gear choices. The “simulating” aspect is the fun part. To help you figure out the very best gear for your character—including which upgrades you should take, when offered a choice—there are various tools that can run hundreds (or thousands) of Wacraft fight simulations. They’ll give you a good idea of how various combinations of gear might perform in the game itself. Most tools, if they’re any good, will also give you a recommendation of exactly what you should equip for maximum potential DPS. While my lazy self previously relied on guides from Wowhead to outfit my character, I’ve come to appreciate the speed and comprehensiveness of simulation tools like Ask Mr. Robot , Raidbots , and SimulationCraft . I’ve used them to make my (always terrible) Demon Hunter the very best he can be, and they’re incredibly useful for helping me to figure out what’s an upgrade, what’s a sidegrade, and what’s worth ignoring among the scare pieces of loot I get nowadays. To get started with simulating, I recommend grabbing and installing two add-ons for World of Warcraft : Ask Mr. […]