Screenshot: David Murphy Nvidia just announced its entry-level 3000-series graphics card, the $329 GeForce RTX 3060—otherwise known as the best way to get ray-tracing in your games without breaking the bank. Normally, I’d take a moment to say that you shouldn’t preorder anything without seeing how it plays, whether that’s a game you were looking forward to or a graphics card that has yet to be put through its paces by reviewers and enthusiasts. However, we live in strange times. There’s a huge shortage of GPUs, exacerbated by hungry, quarantine-stuck fans who want to upgrade their rigs with graphics cards that let them play the latest titles at 4K resolutions and absurd quality settings. In other words, there was already a pretty big pent-up demand. Now, throw in a bunch of scalpers who have sucked up a lot of the inventory with bot networks so they can resell these cards at large price multiples, and life really sucks if you’re just looking to give your aging gaming PC a boost. Here’s my thought: If you’re on the fence about an upgrade, go ahead and try to preorder the GeForce RTX 3060. You can always return it if you find out later that it doesn’t provide as much of a graphical oomph as you were hoping for—or if you luck out and actually get a chance to order, say, a GeForce RTX 3080. But of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. As an entry-level card, the GeForce RTX […]