By Randall Brink Many years ago, I fueled my Class C motorhome at a service station and convenience store that also sold LPG, aka “propane.” I liked the idea of being able to fill both the gasoline and LPG/Propane tanks at one stop. The attendant seemed a little apprehensive at the prospect of filling the propane tank. She had some difficulty getting the delivery nozzle attached to the coach tank and admitted that, even though the station owner had “trained” her on the procedure, she had never filled a propane tank before. I was a little concerned, but not enough to say that I would fill the LPG elsewhere, and she filled the tank until the gas blew past the delivery nozzle. She shut down the LPG pump, we went inside to process the payment, and in a few minutes more, I was on my way eastbound on the Interstate. I climbed a pass in northern Idaho and was headed for another, longer and steeper one up ahead when all hell broke loose. There was an explosive “POP” followed by the immediate odor of propane. The motorhome cabin was filled with it. I pulled over and evacuated myself and the dog, coughing, onto the shoulder of the road as the propane began to dissipate. We hadn’t blown up; there was no fire. But it is a miracle there wasn’t, with that much propane released into and around the coach. The tiniest spark would have created a conflagration. The cause: […]