Sen. Andrew Jones had a strong show of support Thursday as he announced a bill that wouldn’t be an outright legal ban, but aims to logistically dissuade any animal byproducts plant from locating in Etowah County. It’s the latest salvo in the war against a proposed Pilgrim’s Pride rendering plant on Steele Station Road on Gadsden Airport Authority property, and Jones clearly believes this could be the kill shot – by putting in place so many potential costs for such industries that they would choose to go elsewhere. Speaking before supporters at Westbrook Christian School’s gym, Jones, R-Centre, said he is filing a bill that would cover any animal byproduct processing facility, such as a rendering plant , that is seeking to locate within 3 miles of a city in Etowah County, if the owners or parent companies have been fined more than $50 million for violations of federal law or regulations since Jan. 1, 2000. If a repeat offender company seeks to open a byproduct processing plant in Etowah County, the bill would require such a company to compensate all property owners within a 3-mile range for the loss of value to their property. The company would have to pay for a property appraisal for every owner before its operations commence, and pay for another in the third year after starting operations. Jones said a property owner would then be able to seek payment from the company for the amount of lost property value, and if the company […]