Security experts have warned that the right-wing embrace of conspiracy theories represents mass radicalization , a claim borne out following the dramatic events after the election, QAnon supporters have vowed to leave the GOP, possibly forming a party of their own . A 20-year-old voting contractor in Georgia is facing death threats after a QAnon influencer orchestrated a campaign against him . Trump, meanwhile, is fanning the flames by posting long, rambling tirades on Facebook that include the same charts and graphs that QAnon uses . Shortly after the election, paramilitary groups, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and other Trump supporters gathered in Nevada to fight the election results this past weekend . Two armed Virginians were arrested in Philadelphia for trying to deliver fake ballots . They had QAnon paraphernalia in their car. If you think QAnon conspiracy theory seems so toxic that it must have been intentionally created or amplified as a kind of Web 2.0 warfare against the United States, but didn’t have the evidence to back that up, well here you go. A recent Reuters article reveals that Russian-linked Twitter accounts helped the movement grow . Now, tech companies of all sort are trying to grapple with the conspiracy. Patreon has become the latest company to ban QAnon supporters from mentioning the theory on their platform . YouTube is banning all QAnon related content, as well as conspiracy content that targets individuals . With barely two weeks until the presidential election, will this be a case of […]