Comedian Charlie Berens struck a chord with Wisconsinites on social media this week when he asked his followers to “tell me you’re from Wisconsin without actually telling me you’re from Wisconsin.” We’ve already taken a look at some of the hilarious responses that hit a little too close to home , but Twitter users weren’t done bombarding the Wisconsin-born entertainer with frighteningly accurate takes on life in the Dairy State. Here is the latest batch of side-splitting responses: More than a man cave First things first Whada we having for Christmas dinner? Da same thing we’ve had for 40 years. Due to the Packer game on Sunday night there will be no Sunday service. Or due to Sturgeon spearing we will be moving the Sunday mass start times. — Robert Landwehr (@RobertLandweh16) January 5, 2021 Choices, choices “Tonight our Friday fish fry includes your choice of cod, bluegill or lake perch, your choice of fries or potato pancakes with applesauce, a slice of rye bread and coleslaw.” — Emily Grace �️‍�� (@whitkarm) January 5, 2021 Bring the family! Aw crih hey, I just saw dis. Don’t you know I was at da brat fry fundraiser with my aunts Virgl, Dorthy, Betty,and Shirley, and my ma Donna too. We’re going to Ziggys Tavern on Friday for da fish fry, best perch and polka in town. It’s down by da lake der. You should go once enso — jason suscha (@jsuscha) January 6, 2021 Ya got room for one more? […]