Nikki Pezzopane and her son, Cameron Fica, wrote “Slothee Wants Coffee.” (Adam Cooper) “Slothee Wants Coffee” is written by Nikki Pezzopane and her son, Cameron Fica. The book is illustrated by Yury Illustration. (Illustration by Yury Illustration) SAN DIEGO, CA — Nikki Pezzopane and her 7-year-old son, Cameron Fica, share a passion for adventure and a fascination with sloths, and now they share “Slothee Wants Coffee,” a children’s book about both. In the book, a sloth named Slothee travels from Costa Rica to different countries around the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Along the way, he meets new friends and learns about coffee and culture. The San Diego mother-and-son duo wrote their book amid the coronavirus pandemic and plan to publish “Slothee Wants Coffee” by the end of March, a year after Cameron came up with the idea during their trip to Costa Rica and Panama. “My mom said she wanted a coffee shop in Costa Rica, and I said ‘Slothee Coffee’ because it rhymed,” Cameron said. “She likes sloths and coffee.” The pair first fell in love with sloths in Costa Rica, where they have traveled several times. “I like them because they have claws and they are cute, and I liked seeing them in Costa Rica and Panama,” Cameron said. Pezzopane, 34, has always loved traveling. She has traveled to 38 states and 16 countries. Her son first went on an airplane at 3 months old. Now almost 8, he has lived in […]